Here at Alpha, we contribute 10% of our profits to charitable and community based projects.

Below are a few of the charities we donate to and some information about the fantastic work they do.

Helen & Douglas House provides hospice care for children and young adults who suffer from life-shortening conditions.

The Werewolves of London offers a special needs ice hockey programme for children and adults who have Developmental Disabilities.

Alpha took part in the 2010 Irish Challenge through Challenge Adventure Charities. 50% of the sponsorship money went to Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation. The other 50% went to our chosen charity: the Marlow Opportunity Playgroup where the niece of one of our team members attended. She has a neurological condition which means she cannot walk or communicate.

The Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service is now up and running and is busy providing much needed respite, palliative care, emotional and practical support for the children that need their care and their families.

Dave is also involved in the local Foodshare or Foodbank, which distributes food bags on a weekly basis to people who have fallen on hard times, and are either unable to work or temporarily out of work. The team provide not only food but a space for people to chat, get advice or encouragement. They also offer free coffee & cake!

Alexander Devine Resize

Projects further afield

Brazil Happy Homes Project is long term initiative in Brazil (Campa Largo) working in the slums/favelas and providing safe housing for families and siblings who have been removed or abandoned from violent and troubled homes. Dave from Alpha went out with his son during Easter 2014 where they were involved with building, painting and preparing the ground for a play area for the homes.

Chiara and Ben (Dave's son) went out with a team in October 2015 to Moldova. They took out financial donations, crafts and activities, but over and above all, they took people, and the welcome and love they received from those children was in stark contrast to the lack of care & love they get at home.

They went to work with a charity that supports children from homes broken from abuse, drugs and alcohol, and some children who have been abandoned. They also organised events for the team of students who meet up at the centre once a week. They had four evenings together and organised a wide game, played silly games, and had a time of sharing afterwards. The language barrier was sometimes an issue, but they coped just fine! From start to finish the trip was a great success. The kids there loved it, the team (5 adults, 4 kids and 8 youth) also loved it, and Chiara went back as part of the team in 2016.

Currently Chiara is involved in a planning trip, to help organise the 2019 project, this time in the South of Moldova, in the capital.

If you're interested, we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the trip.

If you would like more information about any of the charities we work with, please feel free to contact us as we would love to point you in the right direction.