At the beginning of every year we're keen to set ourselves new resolutions. Very few of us think to take a look at our work life balance however.

At the beginning of every year the majority of us will set ourselves a resolution of some sort. The most common ones include getting fit, eating healthier, cutting back on our alcohol consumption, quitting smoking or learning a new skill. One that often gets overlooked is creating a better work life balance. 

Just because we’re already nearly through January, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to aim for this and here are just a few reasons why a good work life balance is so important. 

Burnouts occur when we feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. They’re very common amongst those who spend most of their life working and very little time doing the things they love and enjoy. 

We’ve all had times when we’ve found it difficult to switch off from work but it’s important to learn how to separate our work and home lives. If you’re constantly working or stressing out about work then this is going to affect your sleep and stress levels and chances are that eventually you’ll suffer a burnout. 

Doing too much of anything will lead to boredom. Even your favourite food would become mundane if you had to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The reason why we have weekends and holidays is to recharge our batteries and escape for a while so we come back motivated and raring to go. 

If you never allow yourself to switch off you will find yourself becoming easily irritated, short-tempered, stressed out and fed up. 

We work longer hours than ever before and find it harder and harder to switch off in the evenings and at weekends. This really does take its toll on our health because we’re always stressed out and anxious. It’s important to remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself and by doing so, you’re actually helping your employer. 

No company wants to see their employees suffering from a breakdown and they do care about your wellbeing. If you’re in a good frame of mind you are far more likely to get a good night’s sleep, be creative at work and overall, you will be much happier.

  • If you feel that your relationships are suffering at home and work, speak to your manager about your workload. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with it find out if you can delegate tasks, employ an additional team member or extend your deadline 
  • As difficult as it is, don’t be tempted to check work emails in the evenings or at weekends
  • Take your full holiday entitlement 
  • Join a class or take up a hobby to keep you busy in the evenings so you’re not tempted to work
  • Spend more time with friends and family when you’re not at work
  • Exercise not only keeps you busy but also improves your mental wellbeing