Dropbox and The School of Life carried out a survey of 2,000 British workers in a bid to find out what we really think about our colleagues.

Dropbox and The School of Life carried out a survey of 2,000 British workers in a bid to find out what we really think about our colleagues. Brace yourselves before you read on because the results are pretty harsh.

As it turns out, 32% of us don’t think our co-workers are very good at their jobs. The main reason for this is because we think they’re lazy. Although 23% of respondents were quick to cast aspersions, it would appear as though they’re not so productive themselves.

21% of those surveyed said that they never work to the best of their ability and a whopping 73% only give their all a mere one day a week. Just 7% said they work to the best of their ability every single day.

These figures may make for distressing reading for any employer but Brennan Jacoby from The School of Life has warned that humans have a natural inclination towards laziness and that if we’re not steered in the right direction, we tend to become unproductive. He commented:

“It may sound harsh, but most of us are guilty of being lazy in some form daily. Often, it’s not a lack of motivations causing this, it’s a lack of clarity. Give team members clear roles and responsibilities and chances are that productivity and happiness will both increase.”

HR Consultant, Shakil Butt continued:

“Lazy staff do not arrive lazy, they are created by their respective workplaces and fall into different categories. Those who have been poorly managed, those who have benefitted from a favour or privilege, those who have not been developed and those who are a product of poor organisational culture.”

Strengthening work relationships

Nobody likes the idea that others might think negatively of us so if you’re worried about what your colleagues think about you, here are some great tips for building strong and happy work relationships.

  • Develop your people skills. Good relationships start with good people skills so make sure you regularly take time out of your day to focus on others. Whether it’s replying to someone’s email, liking their latest LinkedIn post, offering to do the tea round or praising someone for a job well done, people will really appreciate the effort you’ve made.
  • Be positive. Positivity is not only a very attractive quality to have, it’s also infectious. If you’re the kind of person that can make people feel good about themselves, this will really help to strengthen your relationships with colleagues.
  • Don’t gossip. No matter how much someone is annoying you or how much you’re dying to find out who hooked up with who at the office Christmas party, avoid gossiping at all costs. Office politics often leads to relationship breakdowns so if you’re experiencing conflict with someone, talk to them directly. If people see you as a gossip, it’s unlikely they will ever trust you.
  • Listen. We tend to respond better to people who listen and take a genuine interest in what we’re saying. If you work on listening more than you talk, people will quickly see you as someone who can be trusted.

Building strong relationships at work not only makes your time there more enjoyable, it’s also an effective way to improve your chances of success so no matter who you’re dealing with, always try to remember the points mentioned above.