Some great tips for keeping employees motivated and morale high.

Between leaving the EU, being hit with multiple storms and now Coronavirus, It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a bumpy ride so far.

Many of us are feeling uncertain about the future and naturally, we’re going to be distracted by the news and not 100% focused on work. If your employees are feeling anxious and productivity has taken a dive, below we share some great tips for keeping staff motivated no matter what the crisis.

Identify their concerns

Public health crisis or not, it’s always important to listen to the concerns of your employees. If for example staff are feeling anxious about coming into the office, work out if it’s possible to allow remote working until things calm down.

When business returns to normal, make an effort to touch base with individual employees on a regular basis. Find out what’s going well for them at the moment and what isn’t. They may be feeling overwhelmed with their workload for example but didn’t know how to approach the subject.

It’s equally important to identify the positives because this helps you build up an idea of the type of work your employees thrive at and enjoy doing the most. If you can help ease the burden during stressful times and ensure people are always delegated tasks that play to their strengths, you’re bound to have a happy and motivated team.

Give employees something to look forward to

This may not be the time to start organising big events but try to think of little ways to keep morale up. Some ideas include:

  • Order pizza on a Friday.
  • Bring in some sweet treats.
  • Hold a competition and the winner gets a prize such as a gift voucher or a day off.
  • Let everyone go home a bit earlier on a Friday.
  • If you have a kitchen in your office, you could offer a cooking class.
  • Update your benefits package – this could include anything from pensions and healthcare to flexible working and childcare.

Set smaller goals

If your employees are measured on a performance basis, try setting smaller, weekly goals rather than big ones. While it’s great to have an ultimate goal, they can feel very overwhelming and we also need little milestones along the way to keep us going.

Show recognition

If an employee has done a great job on a particular project, show them it hasn’t gone unnoticed. If someone works really hard for something and nobody acknowledges it, they’re likely to wonder why they bothered trying in the first place and any motivation they had will go out the window.

Whether it’s mentioning them in the company newsletter, congratulating them face-to-face, giving a pay rise or bonus or putting them forward for an award or promotion, recognition is hugely important when it comes to keeping employees motivated.

If you’re looking for motivated employees to join your team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alpha and we’ll be more than happy to help with your recruitment needs.