91% of companies compromise on the quality of candidates so they can get someone in to fill a job. With time & market pressures it’s easy to see why businesses have adopted a culture of compromise but it’s posing problems to businesses & the economy

According to technology company, Hiring Hub, almost every business in the UK has appointed the wrong person into a job at some point.

A staggering 91% of organisations admit to compromising on the quality of a candidate just so they can get someone in to fill a job. With constant time and market pressures, it’s easy to see why so many companies have adopted this ‘culture of compromise’ but sadly, it does pose huge problems to British businesses and the UK’s economy.

  • With businesses up and down the country struggling to make good quality hires, 54% end up spending more money on the development of new recruits to get them to the level they should be at
  • 47% of companies who have hired someone who isn’t quite right for the role has found that it has had a negative impact on the company’s performance
  • 35% of line managers say that they need to invest additional time into supporting new recruits
  • When discussing appointments made in the last 12 months, an incredible one-in-three have been described as less than ideal

Simon Swan, the co-founder and CEO of Hiring Hub commented:

“Appointing the wrong candidate for the job is a costly mistake if you run a business. This is a catch-22 situation for businesses that waste the little time they do have in finding a candidate they then have to replace or dedicate more time line-managing in the long-run. It’s ineffective and a huge drain on the company’s resources.”

When questioned about what exactly makes hiring managers compromise on the quality of their recruits, time constraints was found to be the biggest pressure that organisations are facing. Over half (52%) said that they spend more time vetting CVs and managing the process than they do actually interviewing candidates.

Despite being forced to make hires that they wouldn’t necessarily make if the circumstances were different, business owners do recognise the importance of dedicating more time getting to know candidates. 68% of those surveyed said that they feel their business would benefit from spending more time interviewing and therefore selecting the right person for the job.

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