Whilst all methods have their benefits, from many years of experience here at Alpha, we can vouch that using an external recruiter has proven to be beneficial time and time again.

Some companies like to do all their recruitment in-house whilst others prefer to enlist the help of a recruitment agency. Whilst both have their benefits, from many years of experience, here at Alpha we can vouch that using an external recruiter has proven to be beneficial time and time again.


Many companies struggle with developing a diverse team of employees because they fall into the trap of hiring similar people every time they need to recruit. External recruiting opens up many opportunities to find experienced and highly qualified candidates because these recruiters think differently to you and offer a fresh perspective.

Eliminates personal bias

When we're recruiting, it's tempting only to interview those who we think have similar goals, values and attitudes to us. Whilst it is important to click with those we're managing, personal bias can get in the way of finding really great candidates. Recruitment agencies specialise in finding applicants that have the right skill set, experience and will fit into your company culture rather than focusing on who you would rather spend time with outside of work.

Saves time

Recruiting the right person is a time consuming task. From writing out job specifications and adverts to sifting through hundreds of CVs and meeting up with everyone you think might be suitable, it's impossible to get everything done when you have a job to get on with. External recruiters do all the hard work for you however so you are simply presented with a few really great candidates who they think are right for the role.

Opens up your talent pool

Any good recruitment agency will have built up an extensive portfolio of clients and candidates and chances are, they will have worked with them on several occasions. This means that they immediately have access to people they know make good employees so are therefore well qualified to put forward only the most suitable applicants.

A dedicated service

Frequently, when recruitment is done internally, the person responsible for finding candidates has a number of other everyday tasks they need to complete as well. This means that they probably don't have much time to commit to the task and therefore, there is the risk that it could take a long time. When you employ an external recruiter to help you find the right candidates for your roles however, you can be assured that they are dedicated to doing just this. They have the time and resources to ensure that they only ever pass on CVs that match the exact criteria you have set.

Can offer specialist services

Finding the right external recruiter can take time but once you have found them, chances are that you will never look back. Every recruitment agency may operate slightly differently but here at Alpha, we pride ourselves on the dedicated service we offer our clients. We make sure that we fully understand the culture of the companies we are working with, we get involved in the interview process with the client and jointly make a decision when it comes to deciding who to hire. We strongly believe that this hands-on approach is what makes us so successful when it comes to placing the right people in the right jobs.