A new survey has revealed that Brits prioritise flexible working over job title and pay

Flexible working has long been recognised as an important perk for employees but a new IWG Global Workspace Surveyhas revealed just how much this is the case.

30% of Brits say that they would prioritise flexible working over a more prestigious role and 28% would rather be able to choose where they can work than get a pay rise.

Of those surveyed, a massive 73% said they believe flexible working is now socially accepted. They also stated that if they had to decide between two similar roles, the vast majority (80%) would take the job that offered flexible working.

Half of those questioned said that they work outside the company’s main location for at least half the working week or more and 70% say this is a key factor when evaluating new career opportunities.

Research suggests that businesses are responding to employees’ calls for flexibility. According to the IWG survey, in the past 10 years, 84% of companies have introduced a flexible working policy or are planning to adopt one.

Flexible working doesn’t just benefit employees by offering a better work/life balance, this style of working can also offer big advantages to employers. 71% of businesses say that offering flexible working enables them to expand their talent pool and 82% think it can help to improve staff retention. What’s more, out of those who do offer flexible working, 85% say that productivity in the business has increased as a result.

Despite the demand for flexi-time and the benefits it can offer, some businesses have been slow on the uptake however. Of those who don’t currently offer this perk, 43% say that they fear how flexible working could affect the overall company culture.

Speaking out about the results of the survey, CEO and founder of IWG, Mark Dixon commented:

“Last year our Global Workspace Survey talked about reaching a tipping point, but what we are seeing now is that flexible working is considered by many to be the new norm for any business that is serious about productivity, agility and winning the war for top talent. Indeed, half of all our respondents claim to work outside their main office location for at least half of the week.”

Speaking about the importance of adopting this strategy in order to attract and retain quality staff, he continued:

"Businesses around the world are facing multiple challenges including ensuring that their business is agile enough to adapt to change. Our research shows that businesses that haven’t already considered the financial and strategic benefits of flexible workspace need to do so now. Otherwise they face being seen as out of touch; both with their competitors and with the demands of the modern workforce on what constitutes a great day at work, which means losing out on the best talent.”

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