82% of UK employees are spending more time on ‘life admin’ during work hours than they are on their lunch breaks.

A study carried out by UK office technology specialists, Altodigital has revealed that a whopping 82% of UK employees are spending more time on ‘life admin’ during work hours than they are on their lunch breaks.

The five most common personal tasks carried out at work include:

  • Visiting the doctor (47%)
  • Organising finances (47%)
  • Booking health/beauty appointments (43%)
  • Organising utilities and other bills (40%)
  • Looking for and applying for other jobs (40%)

With us Brits working longer hours than ever before and many of us struggling to balance a busy work life with raising children, it is somewhat understandable that from time-to-time, we may need to use work time to book an appointment or pay a bill.

A lot of companies are happy to turn a blind eye to this as long as employees are getting their work done and while this flexible approach is a great way to keep staff happy, it’s important for businesses to be aware of the security dangers than accompany carrying out seemingly innocent chores.

Four in ten of us are completely unaware that there are any security risks associated with inputting personal data on work computers or even on their own device while connected to a work network. More than a third of us also have sensitive and confidential details saved on our work computers, blissfully unaware of how this could be compromising our personal information.

In reality however, there are a number of risks associated with this including:

  • Storing details in your web browser or cache means that other people can easily access things like credit card information.     
  • Hacking via email.
  • Other staff members may have access to your device. 
  • You may be printing confidential documents on unsecured printers. 
  • Information may be saved to the photocopier hard drive.

How to improve employee productivity

If you’re worried that your employees are spending too much time on life admin tasks and are losing productivity as a result, below are some great ideas to improve motivation.

Allow flexible working

A lot of UK workers are overwhelmed because the vast majority of them are trying to juggle full-time work with a busy home life.

A study from top US university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found that after just six months of giving people the option to work from home, employee productivity significantly increased and stress decreased.

Provide training

One of the biggest reasons why employees become disengaged is because they don’t have enough to do or they’re sick of doing the same thing day after day. Staring blankly at a computer screen all day isn’t going to do much for morale so use this opportunity to provide additional training. Whether it’s independent study, going to seminars or doing some in-house training, as well as giving everyone something to do, the new skills will help to improve performance.

Think about office design

When analysing falling productivity levels, office design is something that businesses are unlikely to consider. Believe it or not however, this can have a huge impact on how effective your team is.

Colour, lighting and layout can either drain or enhance productivity and don’t forget to provide quiet areas for people who perform better when working independently.